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London BBD - PlanWhy is business planning such a long process for most entrepreneurs?

Well, the main reasons are: entrepreneurs may not know what to write and how to structure the content. They keep redrafting and editing the content and are still unsure about the quality of their business plan. They hesitate in finishing the plan and repeatedly postpone this moment. Here (In other words, here’s what investors will want to see before investing in your business):

What do investors want to see in your plan?

What Are the 10 Essential Points to Include in Your Professional Business Plan?

1. Executive Summary

It is your key to the capital gate. An enticing summary of your business plan that reveals your company has great chances for high revenue.

2. Company Analysis

Your company, its management team and specialists are introduced and you state why exactly you’re qualified to succeed.

3. Industry Analysis

Prove you know industry trends and your market, define your company’s products or services’ position on this market.

4. Customer Analysis

Identify your target customers and explain how the features of your product or service are going to meet their needs.

5. Competitive Analysis

List and describe your competitors and their strengths and detail your competitive advantage.

6. Marketing

Reveal your marketing strategy and tools and how you will acquire potential customers and retain existing ones.

7. Operations

Make a clear outline of your company’s growth and development plan .

8. Management

Emphasize the knowledge and experience of your team, that uniquely qualify its members for leading this type of business.

9. Financial Plan

Demonstrate how you will reach cash-flow positive status, outline your projected revenue growth and show how investors will obtain high ROI

10. Appendix

Add any useful information or charts that support the projections and arguments of your business plan.

Does it already sound like there’s too much to write and focus on?

Cheer up!

Fortunately, London BBD is here to help you with the process.

Whether you are just starting a business or you are running an established company, writing a plan which talks about your future not about your past is always a bit challenging.

With London BBD on your side you can stay focused on the operation and we’ll do the rest.

E-mail us right now and learn more about how we can take the load off of your shoulder.

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