From Decision Coaching to Feasibility Study

Why you should never ask this question?

Ms. Vaughn pays the first visit to her new primary care physician (GP). After a couple of pleasantries she asks the doctor. “So, how can you help me?”
The doctor, eager to emphasize his broad skills, begins with a thrust. “I can figure out if you just caught a cold or you have an acute infection. I can tell you what to do with your migraine, gastroenteritis, high blood pressure and cholesterol. I can tell you what is the best treatment for your arthritis or….”
Ms. Vaughn, in a fainting but still anxious voice interrupts. “Oh, my goodness gracious! Am I really that sick?”
“No, Ms. Vaughn, I didn’t mean that you were sick by any measure. I didn’t even examine you. You asked how I can help and I just wanted to give you some idea of what I can do for you.”

This is exactly how our clients feel when we jump right into the services we can provide. It easily creates the impression that we assume that everything is wrong with their business which is absolutely not the case. Despite the fact that entrepreneurs largely favor specific terms over rhetorical interpretation we’ve learned that we need to begin with a little bit broader perspective. Like, figuring out if there is anything in common with you and a very famous person and see if you can find the right road?

What is common in You and Michael Phelps?

It is not by accident that hoards of business classes and business books use sport analogies. Both fields are about the fight, about survival of the fittest and both fields are scattered with bombastic winners, said losers and a bunch of mediocre players. When it comes to the identification of winning strategies or winning characteristics there is a lot to learn from sports.

So, what could be common in you and Michael Phelps? If you are running a business, or even if you are only seriously contemplating starting a business, chances are that you share more qualities with athletes than you’d think. Disciplined, passionate, hard-working, analytical, just to name a few.
Michael Phelps is undoubtedly one of the world’s most successful champions and his spectacular performance deserves admiration even if you don’t care too much about swimming, let alone sports at all. While it would be a far shot to say that anybody can achieve what he did merely copying certain strategies, there is one thing every business person should note though. Michael Phelps did not do it alone. It took an entire team to support his efforts, including a host of people who organized his trips, watched his diet and measured his pulse, strategists who analyzed his competition, all the way to his famous coach Bob Bowman. Michael Phelps is taller, stronger and swims not only better than anybody in his team, but almost anybody around the world. Yet, it took an entire team to take him to the highest level of the Olympic podium.

Did you know about Business Route 66 ?

There are two types of business owners/managers. One who drives the business and the other who is driven by the business. If you feel that there are more instances when you react to changes rather than initiate the change, it is probably a good time to take a close look at your path and alter the course. Nonetheless, if you feel that you are in the driver’s seat, you could still hugely benefit from a reliable navigation aid that tells you which road takes you to your destination the fastest.

We offer six distinct services for six different scenarios in which you’ll find our contribution not only helpful but also financially beneficial to your business. Applying any or all of the 6 solutions to any of the 6 scenarios all entrepreneurs encounter would pave the road to a healthier, stronger, more profitable and happier business, hence we call it the “Business Route 66“.

While Ms. Vaughn will not see her doctor, unless she has a problem, London BBD can team up with your business virtually anytime to make things work even better. Any ideas, products, services or entire businesses can be improved regardless to their current state.  We are ready to hit the road with your team and drive  down on Business Route 66 all the way to your success.

6 scenarios when you can count on us:

    • You are thinking about starting a business but not sure about the approach.
    • You want to acquire an existing business and need an unbiased perspective.
    • You are in the process of starting a business and want to share some of the burden.
    • You are running the day-to-day operation and want to improve your business.
    • You would benefit from cooperating with other businesses and want to build relationships.
    • You want to get out of your business.

6 solutions we can assist you with:

    • CONCEPT – Conceptualization of  product, service or complete business development.
    • PLAN – Business strategy, business plan or feasibility study preparation.
    • MARKET – Marketing and PR from coaching through planning to implementation and audit.
    • IMPROVE – 360º evaluation and improvement path detection.
    • PARTNER – Identifying potential partnerships and negotiating on behalf of your business.
    • EXIT – Exit strategy development and business sale implementation.

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