The Six Pillars Of Social Commerce

Ever heard about F-commerce?

Yes, you probably have: Facebook Commerce was supposed to be the future of e-commerce. Was, because we now know that things are not that simple: One cannot multiply one’s revenue simply by adding a Shop tab on their Facebook Page. So is Facebook Commerce nonsense? Mostly, yes. But more importantly, F-commerce is just a tiny part of what social media can bring to e-merchants. Continue reading

Forget Product Positioning!

By:   Published by AdvertisingAge

Ignore the Human Element of Marketing at Your Own Peril

Stop living in the past!

Just jettison some old habits, such as trying to manipulate prospects. Stop viewing purchasers as conquests. They are members of a community, prepared to adore (or the opposite) not just your stuff but the inner you. Your essence is transmitted continually via your relationships with consumers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, neighbors and the Earth itself.

Welcome to the Relationship Era. Say goodbye to positioning, preemption and unique selling position. This is about turning everything you understood about marketing upside down so that you can land right side up. This is about tapping into the Human Element. Continue reading