Bistro Savory Wafer Snacks branding

Bistro Wafers

In collaboration with the Ziegler family who runs one of the oldest European wafer bakery London BBD developed the “Bistro Savory Wafer Snacks” product line. Originally the brand was slated for the US market, but as interest picked up in the Old Continent it has also been inaugurated to European buyers at the most reputable event the International Food Exhibition, the SIAL Paris.

At the time of its debut the Bistro Wafer line featured three flavor alternatives: Classic, Tuscan and Peppers.

Bistro Wafers flavors

Digital promotional platforms established along the brand development process include a consumer website (, a B2B site ( and dedicated social media sites for Facabook (, Instagram (, Pinterest (

Fabiacci branding

One of London BBD’s latest re-branding and market development project is Fabiacci that we’ve had tons of fun with. Working with products that you personally like is incredibly rewarding.

Fabiacci Wrap

The Fabiacci Food Saving Kitchen Wrap System is available now on-line at the Fabiacci Amazon store. Retail network development begins in the 1st Quarter of 2016.

How to create one?

Make them act

CONTENT IS KING!  You’ve heard this many times, probably too many times.
– But how about asking your customers to act?

Sometimes the trickiest part of marketing isn’t the Tweeting, blogging and Facebooking. You need an effective (i.e. killer) CTA, also known as call-to-action. The following steps provide you with a simple but very helpful guideline to this challenge: Continue reading

The Naked Brand: The Future of Marketing

camels_playThe Naked Brand takes aim at traditional advertising and its future. With their constant use of technology and social media, today’s consumers are smarter and more invested in what they buy and marketers are taking advantage of this newly empowered customer by creating transparent and positive stories about their companies and products. Check out the video link above…

How to protect your trade mark?

First things first

If you want to protect your trademark before you make it public, try to think the opposite way. Actually, in order to file your claim to your trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark office, you must be able to prove that you have been using it. You will need to show that your trademark has appeared on products that you sell and on promotional materials that are related to your services or products.  Continue reading

The Six Pillars Of Social Commerce

Ever heard about F-commerce?

Yes, you probably have: Facebook Commerce was supposed to be the future of e-commerce. Was, because we now know that things are not that simple: One cannot multiply one’s revenue simply by adding a Shop tab on their Facebook Page. So is Facebook Commerce nonsense? Mostly, yes. But more importantly, F-commerce is just a tiny part of what social media can bring to e-merchants. Continue reading

Forget Product Positioning!

By:   Published by AdvertisingAge

Ignore the Human Element of Marketing at Your Own Peril

Stop living in the past!

Just jettison some old habits, such as trying to manipulate prospects. Stop viewing purchasers as conquests. They are members of a community, prepared to adore (or the opposite) not just your stuff but the inner you. Your essence is transmitted continually via your relationships with consumers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, neighbors and the Earth itself.

Welcome to the Relationship Era. Say goodbye to positioning, preemption and unique selling position. This is about turning everything you understood about marketing upside down so that you can land right side up. This is about tapping into the Human Element. Continue reading