Successful IoT project

After years of deeper and deeper immersion in the consulting side of the field and six months after its installation we can safely claim success with London BBD’s first full-scale IoT project.

The WIP 00654 Overflow Prevention and Pump Monitoring System was managed by London BBD from conception through software and hardware design to implementation.

The system monitors the operation of water and sewer pits at a nationwide fitness chain, providing real-time information and low level technical alerts for preventative maintenance as well as an active alarm system in case of critical component failure.

Customizable on-line dashboards provide remote insight into the pumps’ current and past operation, allowing the field technicians to perform a routine check anytime even if they are not at the facility. Custom technical alerts can be set up for deviations from the monitored parameters of the pump operation, like shaft rotation, pump-cycle length, work load, etc., so the field technicians can be alerted way before the a critical technical failure can develop. In the meantime, if the conditions indicate an imminent danger of flooding, the system alerts the front desk associates, sends sms, email and call alerts to the field and district technicians in charge. In the worst case scenario, in addition to the passive alerts, the main water supply shut-off actuator is also automatically activated.

Bistro Savory Wafer Snacks branding

Bistro Wafers

In collaboration with the Ziegler family who runs one of the oldest European wafer bakery London BBD developed the “Bistro Savory Wafer Snacks” product line. Originally the brand was slated for the US market, but as interest picked up in the Old Continent it has also been inaugurated to European buyers at the most reputable event the International Food Exhibition, the SIAL Paris.

At the time of its debut the Bistro Wafer line featured three flavor alternatives: Classic, Tuscan and Peppers.

Bistro Wafers flavors

Digital promotional platforms established along the brand development process include a consumer website (, a B2B site ( and dedicated social media sites for Facabook (, Instagram (, Pinterest (

Fabiacci branding

One of London BBD’s latest re-branding and market development project is Fabiacci that we’ve had tons of fun with. Working with products that you personally like is incredibly rewarding.

Fabiacci Wrap

The Fabiacci Food Saving Kitchen Wrap System is available now on-line at the Fabiacci Amazon store. Retail network development begins in the 1st Quarter of 2016.

Misconception or Misperception?

The first, highly important lesson the London Bridge(s) can teach us is the importance of perception and conception as well as the difference between the two.
Mention London Bridge to someone and ask the person what image he or she associates this notion with. The statistically most likely association, which is 100% incorrect, won’t even refer to the London Bridge but rather to the Tower Bridge which is about a half mile east. The second, but only 50% incorrect answer would refer to either one of the London Bridges. It is in the least likely case is when your conversational partner would get it right and tell you that there is one in London City and there is another one in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.
Talking about the vastly distinct associations individuals might have even with relatively well-known objects probably would be too apparent. But how about the distinction between misconception and misperception? Which category do the incorrect associations fall into?
While conception is the ability to form or understand mental concepts and abstractions, perception is recognition and interpretation of sensory stimuli based chiefly on memory. With a little bit of simplification we can say that conception is primarily driven by data input and mental action and perception is the connection between sensory input and memorized information. The seemingly subtle difference might play a very important role in business management and marketing. Would you have thought that bridges can teach us about this subject?
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