Bistro Savory Wafer Snacks branding

Bistro Wafers

In collaboration with the Ziegler family who runs one of the oldest European wafer bakery London BBD developed the “Bistro Savory Wafer Snacks” product line. Originally the brand was slated for the US market, but as interest picked up in the Old Continent it has also been inaugurated to European buyers at the most reputable event the International Food Exhibition, the SIAL Paris.

At the time of its debut the Bistro Wafer line featured three flavor alternatives: Classic, Tuscan and Peppers.

Bistro Wafers flavors

Digital promotional platforms established along the brand development process include a consumer website (, a B2B site ( and dedicated social media sites for Facabook (, Instagram (, Pinterest (


Fabiacci branding

One of London BBD’s latest re-branding and market development project is Fabiacci that we’ve had tons of fun with. Working with products that you personally like is incredibly rewarding.

Fabiacci Wrap

The Fabiacci Food Saving Kitchen Wrap System is available now on-line at the Fabiacci Amazon store. Retail network development begins in the 1st Quarter of 2016.

Infographic: Building a Solid Business Plan

BusPlan_infogG_headerWhen starting or running a business, you must have a clear vision of your purpose and goal! You’ve heard this too, right? Writing a solid business plan however, is easier said than done. Fellows at the Washington State University have created a nice infographic which helps to identify the key components and also makes it easier to craft a scuccessfull business plan. You can download it from this link. If you need some help, just drop us a message.

The Naked Brand: The Future of Marketing

camels_playThe Naked Brand takes aim at traditional advertising and its future. With their constant use of technology and social media, today’s consumers are smarter and more invested in what they buy and marketers are taking advantage of this newly empowered customer by creating transparent and positive stories about their companies and products. Check out the video link above…

Should Small Businesses Scrap Strategic Planning?

Kaihan Krippendorff is a strategist, speaker, consultant, best-selling author of several books, a  recognized expert on innovation, strategy, and creativity, appearing in key business media outlets including Fox Business, National Public Radio, Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg Radio. Got them all?

Undoubtedly, these badges entitle him to train top level executives and work with the leadership teams of leading corporations including Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Citibank, L’Oreal, United Technologies, Kraft, and Experian.

We look up to those companies, admire – if not envy – their magnificent power and study their practices in order to learn  winning strategies and tactics. Hence, it came with a shocking surprise when Kaihan published an article on Fast Company Blog in which he argued that small businesses should look at strategic planning from a totally different perspective:

“What fast-growing companies need is strategic thinking–not strategic planning. Here are three things smaller companies can do to develop an adaptive, opportunistic approach to strategy.”

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The Franchisee Manual from Down Under

Over the past three years, businesses operated as franchises have suffered from some of the underlying factors that have been a drag on the economy. The International Franchise Association (IFA), however, sees indications of some acceleration in the number of franchise businesses in the US for 2012: Continue reading