About London BBD

What is London BBD about?

London Bridge Business Development, LLC dba London BBD was founded with the purpose of helping small and medium enterprises (SMBs) to develop profitable operations, broaden the scope of their businesses and to build successful partnerships by harnessing the broad array of experience of its founders.

London BBD is an Arizona company, doing business in the United States and also providing services to Central-Eastern European companies.

What does London Bridge have to do with an Arizona company?

You may wonder what kind of link one can find between London Bridge and Arizona?  Well, the fact that the London Bridge – or at least one of the two – is located in Arizona is just a starter.

The history of London Bridge, which actually dates back to Roman times, signifies almost everything highly critical in success. It is truly a timeless tale of what derives A Better Business™ – That also became our slogan.

What is London BBD doing?

There are six scenarios in which we can notably contribute to your success:

  1. You are thinking about starting a business but not sure about the approach.
  2. You want to acquire an existing business and need an unbiased perspective.
  3. You are in the process of starting a business and want to share some of the burden.
  4. You are running the day to day operation and want to improve your business.
  5. You would benefit from cooperating with other businesses and want to build relationships.
  6. You want to get out of your business.

In any of these six instances we can assist you with one or all of our six paths to A Better Business™:

  • CONCEPT – Conceptualization of  product, service or complete business development.
  • PLAN – Business strategy and business plan preparation.
  • MARKET – Marketing and PR from coaching through planning to implementation and audit.
  • IMPROVE – 360º evaluation and improvement path detection.
  • PARTNER – Identifying potential partnerships and negotiating on behalf of your business.
  • EXIT – Exit strategy development and business sale implementation.

Six approaches match six scenarios that most businesses can relate to at one or more stages of their evolution.  Six potential situations when we can contribute to your success in six different ways. We call it the Business Route 66.

How are we different?

Differentiation is what every marketer can talk about probably way more than you have patience for, but where the rubber meets the road it is not that easy to apply all of that science.

There are two critical components of differentiation:

  1. Differentiation must be specific, but should not box your business in.
  2. The difference MUST be genuine and true.

– So, how does it translate to London BBD?

Sometimes we say NO.

We are in the field of business consulting where competition is strong and apprehensions are high. Unlike Google, small and medium-sized businesses are not floating on cash, thus they cannot afford to make too many mistakes, if any at all.  With so many self-appointed business experts on the market, who might have read a couple of books on business counseling and so many big corporations who couldn’t care less about your success, no wonder business owners are timid to initiate the process. This is exactly where our difference shines.

We are close enough to you that we can listen and more importantly we can hear what you have to say about your needs and we are experienced enough that we can contribute to your success.

We don’t take your money, unless we both agree that you can make more money with our assistance than what it costs for you.  Sometimes we all wish for things that are beyond our reach. Sometimes it is good to have someone on our side who doesn’t want convince us that we can jump over the Grand Canyon if we fill out a hefty check before we try. Sometimes we have to see the reality and sometimes we need to say no. If we are not positive that you can turn our assistance into actual financial gain, we’ll say NO.

Who are the people behind London BBD?

If you’ve ever dealt with big branded sales people, chances are that you have experienced one of the following:

  1. The sign up process was implemented by a big gun but once the contract was signed, you were passed off to an account executive who was significantly less competent than you would have expected.
  2. You heard a great sales pitch, but when you actually started to work with the company, it turned out that the person you were dealing with was only well trained in selling his employer’s services and not so much in contributing to your business which the service was supposedly about.

We have absolutely no problems with big corporations. There are many areas where they perform very well and many instances when you and I both benefit from their existence. We know however, from others as well as from our own experience that most of the time they are just not the right match for a small and medium-sized business.

Size necessarily comes with specialization. The more complex the organization becomes, the more specialized the tasks are at the individual level. In our world, it is the opposite. The more we grow, the more complex undertakings we need to embrace.

At London BBD our very own business experience ensures that

  • we understand small and medium size enterprises
  • we can assist your business the way you need it
  • we don’t sell hope, we work with you

Monica and Gabor, the founders of London BBD rack up over twenty five years experience in business management and marketing. We know how to make things work not only in theory, but in reality as well. We have international experience in trade, hospitality and marketing, from growing start-ups to successfully managing an entity with hundreds of employees and eighteen branch offices around the World.

Nonetheless, modern day success doesn’t lie in the hands of renaissance men.  We know enough that we can say that we don’t know everything. In order to deliver the best results we team up with other experts whose knowledge is critical to the performance of your business. You can directly benefit from one of the great advantages of our independence. We have the liberty to pick and chose the expert most suitable for the task. Let’s put it this way: If you are thinking about opening an upscale retail store we’d definitely try to talk you out of the idea of working on the design with your daughter’s friend who is a first grader in an on-line Art & Design College. On the other hand, if it turns out that we can achieve a better work flow with the reconfiguration of the machines in your workshop, we’d not encourage you to order a 3D computer simulation of five different scenarios.

Our hands-on approach is the guarantee that you’ll get results.

Contact us for a free and easy consultation and remember, if we are not sure that we can contribute to your business, we’ll say no.

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