Successful IoT project

After years of deeper and deeper immersion in the consulting side of the field and six months after its installation we can safely claim success with London BBD’s first full-scale IoT project.

The WIP 00654 Overflow Prevention and Pump Monitoring System was managed by London BBD from conception through software and hardware design to implementation.

The system monitors the operation of water and sewer pits at a nationwide fitness chain, providing real-time information and low level technical alerts for preventative maintenance as well as an active alarm system in case of critical component failure.

Customizable on-line dashboards provide remote insight into the pumps’ current and past operation, allowing the field technicians to perform a routine check anytime even if they are not at the facility. Custom technical alerts can be set up for deviations from the monitored parameters of the pump operation, like shaft rotation, pump-cycle length, work load, etc., so the field technicians can be alerted way before the a critical technical failure can develop. In the meantime, if the conditions indicate an imminent danger of flooding, the system alerts the front desk associates, sends sms, email and call alerts to the field and district technicians in charge. In the worst case scenario, in addition to the passive alerts, the main water supply shut-off actuator is also automatically activated.

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