Twitter or Tupperware party?

What if Twitter was gone tomorrow?
– We would use email.
What if e-mail was legislated out of existence?
– We would be back to the good ole in-home Tupperware parties.

The strategy stays the same.

We can’t ignore social media’s unique advantages:

  • While websites are recognized as commercial mouthpieces, blogs and Facebook fan pages are widely viewed as being more reputable and believable.
  • It gets easier every day to publish content across the web, allowing companies to engage with their audience quickly.
  • The right content can unleash a branding windfall as the content jumps from blogs, Twitter, and Facebook.

So why can’t social media get any respect in the “sales” conversation?

The tools are great. It’s the strategy that stinks.

It happens when perfectly qualified marketing professionals assume that a social media tool is the solution rather than the “starting point”. What gets missed is the core premise of social media – the tools distribute engaging content. If your content is boring, thin, or disingenuous, the tools will only aggravate your problems, not solve them. Marketing decision-makers need to take a step back and ask a different question – “How does social media HELP me make my case to potential customers”

You can sum up social media’s sales bona-fides by saying: Social media closes the deal.

However the hero isn’t your fancy product or stellar service.  It’s something, actually someone, else entirely. Social media builds relationships with customers, fans and evangelists and gives them a platform to close the deal for YOU.

The tools and platforms are just the “means” for telling your story, establishing rapport, and motivating your community. If Twitter was gone tomorrow, we would use email. If email was legislated out of existence, we would be back to the good ole in-home Tupperware parties.

The strategy stays the same.

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